Enjoy Winter

Ski & Stay White Hills
Snowmobile Rentals & Guided Tours

The area around The Lakeside at Thorburn (on the boundary of Eastern and Central Newfoundland) offers hundreds of kilometers of snowmobiling country and amazing views.  We would be happy to take you on a guided trip and share what we have discovered over the years.  We will even stop for a boil up!  Bring along your own machines or rent one from us.



There's lots to explore!!  We are excited to share it with you!


  • All skill levels welcome

  • Guide can be cost-shared

  • Groups welcome

  • Outdoor cookhouse on site

Daily Snowmobile Rental:  $150 for 8 hours,
We require a $500 damage deposit, or credit card on file

Daily Guide Rate: $150 


You can create your own customized package by adding:  meals, a trail lunch, hot tub time, a romance package, or anything else you might come up with.  Just contact us with your request and we'll be pleased to help you out. 

All rates plus HST

Snowmobiling Safety on Ponds & Rivers

 Have fun but remember to stay safe while snowmobiling! Drowning is one of the leading causes of snowmobile fatalities. Wherever possible, avoid riding on frozen ponds and rivers because ice conditions are never guaranteed and can change in a period of several hours. If you must cross ice, stay on the packed or marked trail. Don’t stop until you reach shore. If you hit slush, don’t let off the throttle. If you are following someone who hits slush, veer off to make your own path. Consider carrying a set of picks that will help you grip the edge of the ice more easily. As a rule of thumb, “If you don’t know, don’t go.”


If you do break through the ice, don’t panic. Follow these self-rescue tips:


Kick vigorously into a horizontal position and swim to the nearest ice edge. 
Place hands/arms on unbroken ice while kicking hard to propel your body onto the ice, like a seal.
Once clear, stay flat and roll away to stronger ice.
Stand, keep moving and find shelter fast.


Standard Room

with 2 all-day lift passes


One Night             $194.98 + hst


Two Nights          $289.98 + hst


Efficiency Room

with 2 all-day lift passes


One Night            $194.98 + hst


Two Nights          $289.98 + hst


Additional all-day lift passes are $49.99 each.